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See why funeral homes like yours partnered with Precoa for remarkably simple & effective preneed.

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Worry-free preneed is easy

Greenlawn goes from struggling alone to thriving with complete support

2x preneed for 10+ years

Sytsema gets sustained growth through a simple and effective program

Consistent quantity & quality

Janus grows with a constant stream of high-quality leads

Human-centered technology

Bradford O'Keefe increases momentum with Precoa's effective lead tech

Absolutely exceeding expectations

Walton’s sets new sales records through multichannel marketing and support

Ongoing growth

O’Donnell achieves sustained preneed and at-need growth

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Moving forward faster

Charles F. Snyder receives total support and sharpens its competitive edge

Hands down amazing support

Krause gets second-to-none appointment setting and fully managed preneed

Can’t do without the FPC

Lord & Stephens loves how the Funeral Planning Center became an extension of their firm

The most powerful preneed engine

Lucas Funeral Homes reaches the next level with more effective preneed

Refocusing on sales

French increased preneed sales by 2.2x since partnering with Precoa in 2014

Nicholas W | Darling & Fischer

A Transformed Program

How Darling & Fischer grows their premier brand with Precoa

Repeated success with Precoa

Walker is back on the road to growth with support that is proven to work

Proactively build your brand

Sunset increased preneed sales by 2.3x since partnering with Precoa in 2007

Getting results where others fail

Fuller has a fully managed program and no longer has to think about preneed

Forward-Thinking & Effective

Bradford can count on a trusted preneed partner that invests in their long-term success and provides the highest quality experiences to families.


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"What we've always dreamed of and believed we could do — we're seeing it!"

Rick Noel | Walton's Funeral Homes

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