Rich Darby, COO
Sunset Funeral Home

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Sunset has increased its preneed sales by 132% since partnering with Precoa in 2007

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We sold an extra $1 million, simply because our counselors spent more time selling. Every day you are not with Precoa, you are losing money.

Rich Darby recognized that his preneed growth was at a point of stagnation. Though he had an active program, he was relying on traditional programs with modest results. Rich knew that he needed a fresh take on leads generation to make his program perform at a higher level.

Rich already had some great closers, but much of their day was spent generating and managing leads. Precoa’s unique ability to integrate each of its lead programs with our CRM and Funeral Planning Center gave his counselors more time to do what they do best, meet with families. Rich said, “We sold an extra $1 million in preneed simply because our counselors spent more Precoa’s dynamic marketing and lead generation programs have provided Sunset with a constant stream of qualified leads. And since innovation and consumer experience are key to Precoa’s lead generation success, Rich is confident in Precoa’s ability to continually innovate and adapt to changing markets.

Since partnering with Precoa, Sunset's preneed team has spent much less time gathering leads, and much more time selling. Also, Rich adds, “Due to Precoa’s marketing and the amount of families we are prearranging, our cremation rate has dropped as we are starting to service those traditional funerals that we prearranged years ago.”

Sunset has seen a 132% increase in preneed since partnering with Precoa.

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