Neil O’Connor, Owner
O’Connor Mortuary

First Step To Success

O’Connor Mortuary has increased its preneed sales by 108% since partnering with Precoa in 2014


The information you get back from the analysis is going to be the highest-level information you’ve ever seen.

As the oldest family owned and operated mortuary in California, O’Connor Mortuary had a solid preneed business. Owner Neil O’Connor noticed that although there was a good foundation, growth on the preneed side had become stagnant, and was falling short of their potential. He was confident that with the right tools and a detailed understanding of his market he would be able to double his preneed volume.

Precoa’s market analysis uncovers areas where your funeral home has room to grow. By examining historical funeral home data, we can determine the best ways to implement our ProActive Preneed® program with your firm. Neil describes the analysis as, “the highest-level information you’ve ever seen.”

When O’Connor partnered with Precoa, we conducted an in-depth market analysis that included everything from market share by zip code, to projections for the future. This is one of the first steps in the process because each market is different, so each partner benefits from a custom plan based on their goals, strengths and opportunities.

By working together with Neil and using the market analysis as a guide, we were able to identify strengths and opportunities for growth while putting together a roadmap for how the ProActive model would help his market.

By using the results of this analysis to implement the complete ProActive Preened® model, O’Connor’s preneed program has grown by 108%.

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