Tom Belford, Owner
John A. Gentleman Mortuaries

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John A. Gentleman has increased its preneed sales by 131% since partnering with Precoa in 2013

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I can see the results of each counselor; I can see the location results. I want to make sure that we’re giving enough attention to each of our locations.

Before Precoa, Tom Belford wasn’t able to dive deeply into his sales data. He could only see a high level overview by counselor and location. Trying to understand the data on an individual level or see trends by location was difficult. For an owner trying to serve his whole market, that just wasn’t cutting it.

When asked what he appreciates most about Precoa’s reporting, he was quick to mention how it makes it easier to make informed decisions about how to better serve the community. Through the reports he receives from Precoa, he is able to see how each zip code and neighborhood are being served by his firm.

Having a balanced preneed program is important to Tom. He isn’t interested in just one of his locations performing well. He wants to make sure that he’s running a balanced program with each of his locations excelling and his whole market is being served.

Since partnering with Precoa in 2013, John A. Gentleman Mortuaries has seen a 131% increase in preneed volume. His advice to others in the industry is, “If you’re looking for someone to run a great preneed program, Precoa’s the one to call. It makes a difference! Get on board right away.”

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