John Horan, President/CEO

Reliable Recruiting

Horan & McConaty has increased its preneed sales by 157% since partnering with Precoa in 2013

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Precoa has helped us to identify people who are ideal for their roles, and clearly this has made a huge difference.

How do you find the best people to pre-arrange families in your community? Are some more naturally suited to do this unique work than others? These are questions John Horan was spending too much of his time and resources trying to answer. He needed a strong recruiting system he could trust to bring top talent to Horan & McConaty’s preneed team while he focused on the rest of his firm’s business.

As Denver’s most preferred family-owned provider, there has never been a shortage of applicants for Horan & McConaty’s advance planner positions. However, determining who among these candidates had the highest chance of success and a natural ability to connect with families was a special challenge.

While they excel in many areas of business, John understood that recruiting was simply not one of his firm’s core competencies. He wanted to keep his focus on what they did best while relying on our comprehensive system to find top quality preneed professionals.

Our first step was to meet with John and his sales team to make sure we knew their specific needs and expectations. Then we actively searched for a variety of potential candidates in the Denver area and used our assessment tools and experience to evaluate the pool. Once we identified leading candidates, Horan & McConaty’s team interviewed the finalists and made the ultimate decision on who received an offer.

The result was greater consistency and quality among all advance planner candidates across the board with much less work for the firm. John knew each new person hired had a great chance to thrive out of the gate and that Precoa would be accountable for his or her success. With a 157% increase in preneed, the results have proven the difference specialized recruiting can make.

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