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Precoa is continually improving their level of service.
Precoa is continually imporoving their level of service.
Roger Sharp
Sharp Funeral Homes


When Roger Sharp, of Sharp Funeral Homes, realized his preneed program was off-track, he partnered with Precoa. Since then, he has found great success in Precoa’s proactive preneed program, which has not only expanded his preneed sales, but also his at-need case volume.


Insurance and trust preneed sales have tripled with Precoa

600 to 900 calls

At-need case volume has increased from 600 to 900 calls over the same period

About Sharp Funeral Homes

Sharp Funeral Homes began when Roger Sharp purchased Bendle Funeral Home in Swartz Creek, Michigan. Since that time, Sharp Funeral Homes has expanded to three other locations, creating a reputation for the highest quality of service, care for families and dedication to the community. Today, the family-owned business continues to grow, boasting over 150 years of history in Genesee County.

Preneed veteran, Roger Sharp, uses Precoa’s proactive program to expand preneed as well as at-need market share

Roger Sharp is no stranger to preneed. As the owner of four successful, family-run funeral homes in Michigan, Roger has always sought to expand his market to serve more families.

After being an early adopter of preneed trust in the mid-1980s, Roger continued over the next two decades to develop a preneed program that would help secure families for the future while still focusing on the at-need families he was in front of every day.

He worked hard with various companies to achieve his vision for preneed, but ultimately the efforts did not produce the results he was hoping for.

“I woke up one morning and realized that I had lost my way in preneed,” he said. “That’s when I made the decision to work with Precoa.”

What Roger found in Precoa was a proven proactive model that was already developed, and would put him back on track to growing market share year after year.

“I appreciate that Precoa has the systems in place,” he said. “If you follow those systems with your heart and soul and with proper training of your staff, you cannot fail,” he said.

His dedication to the Precoa model, and the work of his preneed staff has led not only to preneed results, but measurable growth of at-need market share.

My preneed sales have tripled over the last several years,” Sharp said. “Additionally, my at-need volume has grown by half, going from 600 to 900 families served per year.”

According to Roger, the rise in the number of families he’s served at-need is directly connected to the unique preneed approach his firm has adopted through Precoa.

“When you proactively help that many families to preneed in the community, it's going to translate into additional volume.”

The proactive program is Precoa’s hallmark approach to working with leading funeral homes. It’s based in Precoa’s drive for quality, results and innovation and offers a number of features that help preneed sales staff do their job more efficiently.

“My preneed counselors appreciate the fact that Precoa is continually improving their level of service through its Web Portal and counselor training,” he said.

Roger hasn’t been shy in sharing his success with Precoa with other funeral home owners. When asked why they should make the change to Precoa, Roger give it to them straight.

“I've responded to them with the truthful answer: nothing's perfect, but the system works.”