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Precoa's ability to set appointments fro me has been wonderful.


Roosevelt Curren spent 35 years in the life insurance industry before transitioning to preneed. Now he’s able to help more families in his community with Precoa’s innovative, flexible, and financially secure product. The challenge of helping families plan an ideal service within their budget is one that Roosevelt embraces daily.


Roosevelt Curren is a preneed counselor at Wade Funeral Home, which has served the St. Louis community for over 90 years. Wade Funeral Home features two chapels and an experienced staff committed to bringing comfort and light to the families it serves.

Roosevelt Curren isn’t in the business of selling insurance – he’s in the business of helping families. After 35 years in the life insurance industry, Roosevelt saw a chance to serve more people in his St. Louis community through preneed and decided to make a change.

“For me, the underwriting rules of preneed were what made it a welcome and easy transition,” he said. “I’m able to get more people covered, if they want it, and can satisfy more families’ needs.”

Now in his fifth year with Precoa, Roosevelt said he is proud to be able to offer an innovative, flexible, and financially secure product to a greater number of people in the area he serves.

Roosevelt Curren

“Working in the minority community, you tend to see more issues with diabetes and high blood pressure that disqualify many people from obtaining life insurance,” he said. “Almost everyone can take care of their families through a preneed funeral policy though, regardless of preexisting health conditions.”

Roosevelt said the opportunity to sit down with a wide variety of families to guide them through their unique preplanning process is a daily challenge, but one that he thoroughly embraces.

“You’d be surprised by all the different things people want for their services and one of the biggest challenges is working with them to balance their wishes with their budget,” he said. “It’s like working a puzzle with each family to help them get as much of their ideal funeral plans to fit with the price they’re comfortable with, but I certainly enjoy that process.”

With nearly 40 years of professional experience, it’s no surprise that Roosevelt is one of Precoa’s most successful and consistent agents. He’s been a regular each year on the company’s world-class incentive travel trips and has shown no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

According to Roosevelt, the secret to his success over the years is simple – work hard and make a good impression on the people you serve.

“Work every day, work it professionally, and focus on your referrals – they are the lifeblood of your career.”