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We're so exited for what Precoa has become.


Since coming together to found Precoa in 2004, Mark Hornibrook and Bret Davis have seen the company rise to become a leader in the preneed industry. With sales improving annually, Precoa continues to strive toward its vision of preplanning all families.

Bret Davis

Bret Davis has been involved in the preneed funeral industry for more than 20 years and is one of the founders of Precoa.

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Mark Hornibrook

For nearly three decades, Mark Hornibrook has led a distinguished career in the funeral and insurance industries and was one of the founders of Precoa.

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We sat down with Mark Hornibrook and Bret Davis, co-founders of The Preneed Company of America, to discuss the origins, present culture, and future vision for their fast-growing company.

When you two first met in 2001 to talk about starting a business together, where did you imagine it would go?

BD: For us, it was really about seeking a better way to help people preplan their final needs. We believed our vision could turn into a successful company, but we knew there was a journey ahead as we built from the ground up.

MH: It has been a journey! We had these professional and personal experiences that led us to be convinced that preplanning was an invaluable service. We stated our vision: to preplan all families, and that’s where we hoped—and still hope—it will go.

Mark and Bret looking at a conference table looking over a document.

This year Precoa will do well over $100 million in sales. How does that feel after really only being in business for seven years?

MH: We’re so excited for what Precoa has become. It’s a testament to us that the right people with the right passions can accomplish anything.

BD: Everything of what we have accomplished comes down to finding the right niche and then building a company of amazing people. We could never have accomplished what we have in such a short period of time without amazing people at all levels of the company.

Speaking of people, what is unique about the Precoa team both in the field and the home offices?

BD: Most people refer to it as the Precoa family for a reason. We have very talented and dedicated people who are really united in what they are trying to accomplish. We hire the best, and that helps produce the most innovative solutions to challenges we face both in the field and the home office.

MH: One thing I really appreciate about our team is the mix of industry veterans, and new players, more experienced business people and younger self-starters. All sides learn from each other and are really creating some synergistic energy.

Where do you think Precoa will go from here?

MH: We will continue to grow and reach for our vision of prearranging all families. Things will continue to get better and better—we are committed to excellence, and that means improving everything we do systematically, forever.

BD: I feel like our potential is unlimited. We have a talented field force, a strong home office and great funeral homes who are dedicated to our partnership and sharing their success with others. The future is bright, and Precoa will continue to take the preneed industry by storm.