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Precoa has taken our preneed sales and doubled them.
Precoa has taken our preneed sales and doubled them.
Peter Loring III, CEO & President
Porter Loring Mortuaries


Porter Loring III is the third-generation CEO and President of Porter Loring Mortuaries. He has served as the Chairman on the San Antonio Area Chapter of the American Red Cross and President of the Selected Independent Funeral Homes (formerly NSM).

Firm Location

Porter Loring Mortuaries owns and operates two funeral home locations in San Antonio, Texas.

Focus On Families

Porter Loring III says that Precoa’s Funeral Planning Center has freed his preneed counselors to do what they do best — serve families.

About Porter Loring

Porter Loring Mortuaries is a four-generation family business serving San Antonio since 1918. It’s San Antonio’s oldest family-owned funeral home still operating under the same family management. Porter Loring offers at-need, bereavement, and advanced planning services with an emphasis on warm, personal care. In 2009, Porter Loring Mortuaries became the first San Antonio funeral home to join the Green Burial Council.

It didn’t take Porter Loring III long to see the benefit a dedicated team of professional planners could have on his firm’s preneed program. The third-generation CEO and President of San Antonio’s Porter Loring Mortuaries credits Precoa’s pioneering Funeral Planning Center with doubling his preneed sales within two years.

Calling from a local phone number, Precoa’s skilled planners represent the funeral home warmly and accurately as they discuss the value of preplanning with San Antonio families. They then work diligently, yet sensitively to schedule in-home appointments for Porter Loring’s grateful preneed counselors.

“It’s just an amazing program they have,” Loring said. “It’s so important to have professionals do the telephone calling instead of having your counselors do this.”

FPC planners take pride in making sincere connections with the people they talk to on behalf of the funeral home as they clearly communicate the importance of planning ahead.

“They understand the family’s needs and how important it is to make these decisions — hundreds of decisions — and put it on paper,” Loring said.

Most impressively for Loring, Precoa was able to expand his business without sacrificing any of their values or losing sight of the big picture — quality family service.

“The culture of Precoa and Porter Loring are very much the same,” he said. “It’s not the dollars, it is the satisfaction of that family.”