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Precoa is always thinking ahead and thinking outside the box.
Precoa is always thinking ahead and thinking outside the box.
Helen Loring Dear, Vice President
Porter Loring Mortuaries


Helen Loring Dear is the Vice President of Porter Loring Mortuaries. She began working summers in her family’s business at age 16 and less than 10 years later became a fourth-generation funeral director and embalmer.

Firm Location

Porter Loring Mortuaries owns and operates two funeral home locations in San Antonio, Texas.

Progressive Ideas & Traditional Service

Helen Loring Dear says Precoa’s combination of family values and creative solutions are helping her firm see unprecedented preneed success.

About Porter Loring

Porter Loring Mortuaries is a four-generation family business serving San Antonio since 1918. It’s San Antonio’s oldest family-owned funeral home still operating under the same family management. Porter Loring offers at-need, bereavement, and advanced planning services with an emphasis on warm, personal care. In 2009, Porter Loring Mortuaries became the first San Antonio funeral home to join the Green Burial Council.

At San Antonio’s Porter Loring Mortuaries, family is everything. Vice President Helen Loring Dear is the fourth-generation of her family actively managing the funeral home that her great-grandfather established in 1918.

The concept of “family” guides every part of the firm’s operation and drives their renowned warm and personal brand of service. When it came time to select a preneed partner, Loring Dear said Precoa’s values were a natural fit.

“Precoa is family — that’s the first word that comes to mind,” she said. “They’re part of who we are. They treat their clients — their families — the same way we do our own.”

In addition to family values, Loring Dear has seen first-hand the impact Precoa’s ProActive Preneed® model has had on her firm’s success. As a rising, forward-thinking leader in the profession, she shares the company’s commitment to progression and its passion for finding new ways to share the value of preplanning.

“We know we can go to them with ideas of our own, they are willing to work with us, and they are always coming up with new ideas as well,” she said. “They’re always thinking ahead, thinking outside the box, and that’s what I like.”

Together with leading partners like Porter Loring Mortuaries, Precoa is working to create the future of preneed and helping more families in more communities benefit on the day they’ll need it most.