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Every day you don’t sign on with Precoa, you’re losing money.
Every day you don't sign on with Precoa, you're losing money.
Rich Darby, COO
Sunset Funeral Homes


Rich Darby is the third-generation owner and Chief Operations Officer at Sunset Funeral Homes. He began his career in funeral service as a grave digger before attending mortuary school.

Firm Location

Based in Danville, Ill., Sunset Funeral Homes currently offers the families of East Central Illinois and West Central Indiana a choice of five funeral homes, a cemetery, a crematory, as well as Executive Plaza banquet facility.

Family Values and Business Savvy

Rich Darby says Precoa’s unique combination of family culture and proactive business sensibility is unmatched.

About Sunset Funeral Homes

The Darby family has been serving families Central Illinois and Western Indiana for four generations. Sunset’s small family of funeral homes provides the ultimate care to Champaign, Vermilion, and Fountain Counties. They specialize in meeting needs, providing more options in price, traditional & non-traditional services, as well as many free signature services.

An outstanding preneed program requires teamwork. Without help, even the best funeral homes in America can struggle to effectively reach preneed families while maintaining their stellar at-need service.

Sunset Funeral Homes COO Rich Darby understood that developing a true partnership with a preneed provider that matched his firm’s values was the only way to offer complete care to the families of Central Illinois and Western Indiana.

In Precoa, he found a company that worked tirelessly on behalf of his firm, using a combination of kind, family-oriented service and progressive business savvy.

“I feel like I’m finally with a company and with a family that understands that we need help out there in that field,” Darby said.

Darby said Precoa’s unique ProActive Preneed® system allowed Sunset’s preneed program and its top counselor, Tammy Hopper, to go from good to great in the first year of the partnership.

“We hooked up with Precoa and in the first year it added $1 million to Tammy Hopper’s book of business,” he said. “Precoa’s always coming to us with new ideas. It’s something that’s always progressive and aggressive that will set us ahead of our competition.”

For Darby, it’s a simple proposition for firms looking to build the future of their business through a vibrant preneed program:

“Every day you don’t sign up with Precoa, you’re losing money.”