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The people truly make a company what it is.


Cristy has found the fast-paced and varied nature of the Account Management area to be right up her alley. She has seen the company grow exponentially over the past number of years and has also advances as the company has gotten bigger. It’s the people and the challenge for personal excellence that make Precoa a place Cristy is pleased to call home.



Cincinnati, OH

Course of study:

A mixture of fascinating classes including philosophy and Chinese history

Previous experience:

Managed a customer service team for a web-based solutions company in the healthcare industry

Time at Precoa:

5 years

A unified team and sweet success make the Precoa experience for Cristy Burling

Building a custom mail plan, liaising communication between various departments, analyzing reports for the sales force, and coordinating a specialty marketing piece for an expo next week are all on Cristy’s docket for the day—and that’s just what’s going on before lunch.

As a member of the account management team Cristy is part business liaison, analyst, and marketer, all rolled into one fast-paced role.

“There’s always something new happening and a different project to tackle,” she said. “There’s really never a dull moment.”

However, despite the fulfilling challenges she tackles daily, Cristy said she never would have imagined herself as a part of the funeral industry.

“Before I would have thought you were kidding if you suggested I’d ever be working in the funeral industry,” she said. “I was living in Tampa, managing a customer service team in the healthcare industry, but when I saw the opportunity, I couldn’t resist.”

Cristy, like many others who work for Precoa, said she saw a chance to be a part of something special—a prospect that doesn’t come along every day.

“What appealed to me about Precoa was the excitement of getting involved at the ground level of a growing company that had a solid vision and great leadership team,” she said. “Precoa is the perfect mixture of impeccable business execution coupled with human interest.”

In the five years since she’s been here, Cristy said she has seen opportunities to develop and become a part of the Precoa family.

“Precoa is a great incubator for career growth opportunities—we like to promote from within—plus, it’s fun,” she said. “We laugh, joke, and form friendships here as we work together to grow the business. The very top level of management cares about our employees and you’re part of a family when you work here.”

Ultimately it’s the people and the personal accomplishment that make this the career for Cristy.

“The people truly make a company what it is,” she said. “I’ve never worked with a more dedicated, energetic, talented and compassionate group. This is a great place to be and I’m looking forward to where we’ll go next. I can’t believe what we’ve done in the past five years and I can’t wait to see what we do in five more!”